Winter Is A Great Time To Stay Fit!

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It's easy to forget about your physical fitness and want to just stay inside during the cold winter months. Besides playing basketball (obviously!), here are some easy ways for everyone to keep a healthy lifestyle all throughout winter, both by getting outside and staying in.

Skate, Snowshoe, or Ski

Even if you don't know how to do any of these, it is still fun to just go out there and try. If you're not near a place to go skiing, give skating a try. There are usually lessons available to get you started.  It is also a great way to enjoy some exercise with family and friends.  

Yoga or Pilates

Yoga is a great way for adults and kids to keep the muscles limber and to take a stress break.  Pilates builds strong core muscles and can improve posture. There are free videos on YouTube and most instructional videos are very cheap.


With access to an indoor pool, everyone of all ages can improve their physical fitness and many muscle groups at once.  It is also a great way to relax and take a break from your everyday routine. Check out your local YMCA or community facility for access to an indoor pool


As long as you don't load up on pizza and snacks, bowling is a fun way for everyone to get out of the house when the temperature gets too cold.


Games like Wii Boxing and Dance Dance Revolution will help your physical fitness while your playing some of your favorite video games.  There are always new games on the market and you can play alone or with others during those cold winter days.

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