The Super PB&J Sandwich

The BayHawks's Famous Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

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BayHawks players and coaches have learned a thing or two about staying fit. From exercising regularly, drinking enough water or catching the right about of sleep, It wasn't until the team discovered a few delicious healthy meals that they saw the effect their eating habits had on their health and performance on the court.

Take a look at the team's favorite healthy snack, The Super PB&J Sandwich. A magical combination of bananas, strawberries, honey and peanut butter. Follow the recipe and you'll be on your way to a delicious snack!


  • Whole Wheat Bread (2 slices)
  • All Natural Peanut Butter (2 Tablespoons)
  • Banana (1 half)
  • Strawberries (5 medium sized)
  • All Natural Honey, Grade A (1 table spoon)


Take two loaves of your whole wheat bread and combine one slice with peanut butter and the other honey, spreading evenly. Take half a banana and slice it into 1/4 inch thick slivers (should look like coins) and apply to the bread side with peanut butter. Taking the strawberries, cut off the ends, then cut in half, long-wise. Place on honey side. Combine and enjoy!


Use Whole-Grains

Whole grain breads are a good source of energy. Being low on the glycemic index, whole grains give you a longer, sustained source of energy, instead of the spike of energy and crash you might feel when eating white bread.

Get All Natural Honey and Peanut Butter

We don't want any added sugars that aren't natural. Some peanut butters will be filled with excess sugar, which spikes your energy, only to leave you feeling sluggish afterward. Honey is already a natural sweetener. It's low on the glycemic index, again, giving you a slower-burning energy that will last a lot longer than other jellies or jams.


If you're allergic to any of these foods, be sure to ask your doctor. There can be other alternatives to peanut butter such as almond butter. There's even a soy option as well.

For More health tips and information, visit UPMC Health Plan's, for more.